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Rush Creek Yacht Club offers sailing classes to youth ages 4-17. 

Sailing school programs are natural sources of stories. We have had many adventures in both adult and children’s classes over the years, and they are often the subjects of relaxed conversation at the end of the day.

Ocean sailing certainly provides the most physical excitement, but it is the youth classes that evoke special memories. They are adventures, of course, but for kids. We have decided to share some of these adventures in the form of a short story based on a personified Optimist Dinghy named Ollie.


Each of Ollie’s “adventures” are based on real events, but fictionalized as to location and character. These events remain fresh in the minds of our instructors, and have been converted to a story format that we hope you and your child will enjoy. We also want these stories to be a valuable learning tool, so we have included a glossary of sailing terms that is keyed to words in bold type. Click the word to view the definition.

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