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Q: How much are the classes?

A: Complete pricing information is available right here on the website under “Schedule and Pricing." Pricing information is also published on our sailing classes page.

Q: Do you discount prices for multiple students?

A: No, but we do try to position our market pricing as competitively as possible. We find most students prefer a discount when taking more than one class rather than multiple students taking the same class on a single reservation. So all students in a single class will have paid the same amount for that class.

Q: I would l like to get started as soon as possible, what do you recommend?

A: Choose a beginner class and book the date that works best for you.

Q: I have never sailed before, which class should I take?

A: If you know that you want to learn how to sail, we recommend the beginner 1 & 2 class. If you are not sure, and just want to try it out, we recommend the discover sailing class.

Q: I noticed that you do not have any discover sailing classes scheduled. When do you offer these?

A: Discover classes are for one or two sailors and are scheduled by appointment. We usually sail on weekday mornings, but other times are available. Please contact us to book this class. 

Q: If I decide to take the beginner class after taking the discover sailing class, will you apply any credit for sailing time or cost?

A: No, the beginner class is a structured lesson plan based on a “building block” process. The discover sailing class is open format that lets you help design the lesson. The beginner class also features a three-hour classroom session, textbook, and reading assignment that the discover class does not have.

Q: Do I have to take the beginner class for ASA101 certification if I have some sailing experience?

A: Maybe not. We can determine how your level of experience compares to the results we expect from the beginner class. You can challenge the beginner 1 class if you have the background and experience. Contact us to learn more. 

Q: Can I challenge any other ASA certificate?

A: Yes, the ASA105 Coastal Navigation test can be challenged, but all other ASA certificates will be offered only through classes due to the types of boats used and pre-requisites that need to be met.

Q: What do I have to do in order to rent (charter) your J22’s?

A: We no longer rent our J22’s due to high insurance costs and the availability of the RCYC IC24’s. However, our J22’s and Catalina 27 are available for instructor supervised sailing on an hourly rate. Contact us to learn more.

Q: My kids learned to sail in a summer program. They love sailing and want to keep on sailing all year. How can we do this?

A: One possibility is for you to obtain your ASA101 certificate and take them sailing. Or consider enrolling them in the RCYC junior program. Complete information is available at

Q: What certifications do I need to be qualified to charter a large keelboat in the Caribbean or other popular cruising locations?
A: You will be asked to complete a sailing resume’ that declares your experience and competency to take responsibility for a boat and crew. Your level of certification and on-board experience will determine the boat size and locations available. ASA 104, 105 and 106 are key certifications with ASA 114 needed for chartering a cruising catamaran. All of this experience can be logged in your ASA logbook issued when you completed ASA 101 certification.

Q: I would like to try my hand at sailing a centerboard boat. How can I do this with NTSS?

A: Learn to sail on the J22 keelboat first. Obtain your ASA101 certificate and we will introduce you to centerboard sailing with an RCYC club member interested in promoting the sport.

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